Metal trusses bent by structural fire
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The pictures on this page are of a building that caught fire in Knoxville Tn. I was driving by, and thought it would be of interest. The pictures have been cropped, and brightened where necessary. The name of the store has been covered. These pictures are provided in regards to the ongoing 9-11 Twin Towers controversy, in the interest of considering different possibilities. These pictures clearly show that steel can become hot enough in a fire to lose its shape. In spite of this, I am not convinced that the event was soley the work of terrorists. Bending metal is not melting metal. Mild steel melts at 2850 degrees F. You need to blow a lot of air over a good fuel to reach that temperature. The smoke billowing from the towers looked like a smoldering fire, not one hot enough to melt steel. There was a lot of weight above the impact, if the buildings were designed to fall into their own footprint, then maybe the meatl tore, as shown in one picture here, although it looks likely that the tear in this picture came not from the weight of this building, but perhaps removal of the metal. None of this explains how the little building near the towers fell down. I don't subscribe to the either-or , that it was foreign terrorists -or- government conspiracy, rather, I suspect both, that the government knew what the terrorists were up to, and planned accordingly. Just why WERE the carriers out of the harbor that December day? Blog
Above is the adjoining building, which appears to have the same metal trusses.
This is the building most damaged, notice the trusses angled toward the middle.
Twisted trusses in the middle of the picture.
Metal support, maybe not a truss, pulled to the side of the building.
This is a close up of the 4th picture. The metal is torn, the entire support is bent over, probably from the weight of the building. But why is this little bend at the very corner? Could the tear be from something hitting this, and not the weight of the building? Maybe from the process of extinguishing the fire, or removing this piece.