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You still have a voice with the internet and the medium of signs. A message that is accompanied by an image attracts attention, and is easy to remember. ALL files here are free, and you are encouraged to modify the images and text to better present your ideas to the public. The vector files provided here are for use with sign making plotters, which means that they are more versatile than most vector files. This requires a simple style of artwork, and a file that has no hidden lines and cuts. These files will serve anywhere that a striking stylized image will work, and therefore will provide the greatest economy of effort and resources to produce your message.

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Israel Vector Map
What is the Gospel?...northern version
What is the Gospel?...southern version
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Bible clipart
Who is raising your children? -cartoons
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How to teach a child to draw
Fun & basic perspective drawing lesson
Teach a child to draw # 2
Basic face drawing lesson
Co-op art class ...Open to all !
Tennessee Clipart Club and Digital pictures of East Tennessee
Coca-Cola wall sign restoration
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The ministry I would like to have full time.
Second Hand Lions, the movie
This ministry will put scripture verses on your car, truck, or van....for FREE!!!
A tasteful place
A study on marriage, divorce, and mercy
Atistic Camouflage on Suburban
Pictures of my truck
Structural metal getting hot in a fire
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Using Inkscape, Open Office free software for cutter and plotter

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